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World Wonders of Waiting – The Longest Lines in Tourism

Edal Anton Lefterov (CC SA 3.0)

Edal Anton Lefterov (CC SA 3.0)

Get Your Guide collected some waiting times for attractions around the world.  They found that visitors to Rome hoping to see the sights wait the longest… 7.5 hours on average to see just four major attractions.  In London, Paris and Amsterdam, it’s 5 hours. In other words, you may need an entire extra day just for all the waiting.  And with tourism on the rise, this is only going to increase UNLESS all attractions start using timed entry and online bookings.  And these should be connected to the Online Travel Agents so visitors can see attraction availability before they book their flights. (I’m working on an exciting project here in Stockholm to tackle this very issue with a clever tech solution that does a few vital things other booking systems don’t. If any attractions/destinations are interested, get in touch.)

Average waiting times (presumably for those who didn’t or couldn’t book in advance)

London Eye: 2.5 hrs

Anne Frank House: 2.5 hrs

Doge’s Palace: 2.5 hrs

Sistine Chapel: 2 hrs

Notre Dame: 2 hrs

Palace of Versailles: 2 hrs

Colosseum: 2 hrs

Eiffel Tower: 2 hrs

Vatican Museums: 2 hrs

Catacombs of Paris: 2 hrs

St Peter’s Basilica

Van Gogh Museum: 1.5 hrs

Empire State Building: 1.5 hrs

Pergamon Museum: 1.5 hrs

Edinburgh Castle: 1.5 hrs

Neuschwanstein Castle: 1.5 hrs

Statue of Liberty 1.5 hrs

Casa Batillo: 1.5 hrs

Tower of London: 1.5 hrs

Sagrada Familia: 1.5 hrs

St Paul’s Cathedral: 1 hr

Metropolitan Museum of Art: 1 hr

The Louvre: 1 hr

Picasso Museum: 1 hr

Rijksmuseum: 1 hr



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