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Thailand opens first football-themed hotel, misses open goal

Amari Buriram United

Via Amari Buriram United

The Thailand-based ONYX Hospitality Group has officially launched the first football themed hotel in Thailand: Amari Buriram United.

The hotel’s idea of ‘football themed’ is to decorate each room with the local team’s crest and the odd piece of art featuring players. We can’t help but think they’ve missed a trick or two.

Why not make it more of an “experience” instead of financial way to show your allegiance.  They stock the minibar with Gatorade, offer standard-football sport massages, pipe in the roar of the crowd each time the toilet is flushed… something.

Better still, players could step in as guest-bartenders during off-season.

Now that would be a football-themed hotel worth staying at.



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