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How do you protect your attraction from attracting the wrong sort? London’s Eros statue becomes seasonal snow globe to ward off vandals

Eros Statue Snow Globe Piccadilly Circus

Via Westminster Council

How do you protect a Grade 1-listed statue that Londoners, soaked in Christmas spirit, love to clamber on each festive season? Simple. Surround it with PVC and turn it into the world’s largest snow globe.

“Protecting Eros is the annual festive challenge,” says Nick Thompson at Westminster City Council. “A couple of years ago someone climbed up it and snapped off the bow, which cost us £6,000 to repair.”

Inside the heavy duty PVC dome, eight internal fans envelop the winged figure of Eros in a blizzard of artificial snowflakes, making the globe a brilliant festive sight.

Here’s hoping Westminster council have an equally heavy-duty repair kit ready for Christmas Eve.

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