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Planning joke becomes Queensland’s latest tourist attraction

A dinosaur and an Irwin

Via Sydney Morning Herald

When Australian mining magnate, Clive Palmer, was developing his new resort at Coolum, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast there was a parcel of land that he wasn’t sure what to do with. The architect working on the project labeled it ‘Dinosaur Park’ as a joke and soon media across the world were speculating that there were plans to clone dinosaurs there. Scientists from across the world began asking to be involved in the cloning process.

“We had 500 scientists applying for jobs,’ says Palmer. ‘Which got me thinking – there must be something in this dinosaur thing.”

The result is The Palmersaurus dinosaur park, located on the grounds of his similarly eponymous Palmer Coolum Resort. The park – which was opened by fellow Sunshine Coast illuminati, Terri Irwin and her children Bindi amd Robert – includes 160 moving and roaring dinosaurs, just metres from guest accommodation.

The joke, it seems, is on them.

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