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How to you make a hiking trail more exciting?

The first step is to state that as a goal: “we’d like to make this hiking trail more exciting.”  Or “We’d like a world-class multi-use trail that features the local food.” Or whatever your goal might be. These things don’t just happen by accident. Then you need some knowledge… knowledge of what the competition is […]

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British Museum allows visitor experience to be ravaged by vikings

Viking Sword

Via British Museum

Held in a new state-of-the-art gallery, the British Museum’s exhibition, Vikings: Life and Legend, was meant to consolidate the museum’s reputation as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking in the world. Instead that reputation has been severely dented as disgruntled visitors take to social media to complain about long queues and massive overcrowding. I […]

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Disney should consider this for Magic Band 2.0

If you can forget for a moment that these guys aren’t decent actors (even by the standards of reluctant bystanders dragged up from the IT department and not given any lines) and are walking around in circles, this is a pretty amazing piece of technology. Personally, I’d feel better about providing my palm for entry […]

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Now we just need one or two of these in downtown Tokyo

Last week I wrote about the tourist office of the future.  This week I see Japan Airlines is rolling out new Sakura Lounges at Tokyo Haneda Airport.  Why does the tourism industry think travelers want one sort of special spot to chill when we’re at airports and a totally different experience once we get into the […]

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What can destinations learn from advances in airline technology and service? Have a look

What can destinations learn from this slice of in-flight technology?  That a simple and adaptive system can deliver a better experience and increase revenue at the same time.  It’s about knowing the customer… when they’d be willing to pay for an upgrade (to a better room, car, train cabin, express pass to an attraction) and […]

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Print at home luggage tags… what took so long? (Thanks Iberia)

Brave new things are happening in Madrid as Iberia continues to roll out Agora, their high-tech system to make the travel experience better. First, they introduced smart check points. Now print at home baggage tags. The “My Bag Tag” program satisfies IATA’s “Bags Ready-to-Go” project and, according to Dimitris Bountolos Montabes, the  print at home […]

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Welcome to the tourist office of the future

I must have visited hundreds or maybe thousands of tourist offices over the years. I’ve picked up some free maps and brochures and asked for recommendations. When the internet arrived, the tourist offices built websites and put their tips and brochures online. Now people can find (what they believe to be) better and more reliable […]

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What can your hotel or resort learn from Disney Cruise line to improve the experience for visitors’ entire trips?

What can your hotel/resort learn from the Disney Cruise line? Probably more than a few things, but here’s one: Nobody wants to get sick on their vacation.  Cruise lines are particularly careful about contagious diseases — nothing ruins a cruise like an outbreak.  It’s close quarters in many resorts and hotels as well — and many […]

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