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How do you protect your attraction from attracting the wrong sort? London’s Eros statue becomes seasonal snow globe to ward off vandals

Eros Statue Snow Globe Piccadilly Circus

Via Westminster Council

How do you protect a Grade 1-listed statue that Londoners, soaked in Christmas spirit, love to clamber on each festive season? Simple. Surround it with PVC and turn it into the world’s largest snow globe. “Protecting Eros is the annual festive challenge,” says Nick Thompson at Westminster City Council. “A couple of years ago someone […]

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Marriott now testing contactless room keys in Brooklyn hotel, still not as cool as Clarion hotel’s mobile phone test. When will the mobile room key be ready for the rest of us?

Two years ago, Swedish lock and tech company Assa Abloy (with VingCard and Seos), tested a breathtaking new mobile key (and check-in bypass) technology that gave travelers a glimpse into the future (see video).  Last month, a Brooklyn Marriott rolled out the Assa Abloy NFC card system. There are some clear advantages: easier entry, fewer […]

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For Sale: One Spanish Ghost Airport

La Mancha's ghost airport


Fancy becoming the man in La Mancha? A barely used airport in the region that cost over 1.1 billion euros to build has gone on sale for a minimum price of 100 million euros. Ciudad Real’s Central Airport opened in 2008 but went bankrupt last year after it failed to draw enough traffic. Know locally as […]

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Lego helping transform architecture into icons; Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands joins elite club

It may be one of the ultimate compliments for any architect: letting kids recreate your masterpiece in tiny plastic building blocks.  Lego’s architecture line includes Jørn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water home, Adrian Smith’s Burj Khalifa.  Now it’s Moshe Safdie’s turn to enter the club with his 57-floor, three tower in Singapore: Marina Bay […]

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Sydney’s Wet’n'Wild park to open this week, claims to be world’s biggest

What’s it cost to build the world’s “biggest and best water theme park ever”? About A$120 million (US$109 million). After three years of construction, the 40-waterslide-park is set to open on December 12 in the Western Sydney suburb of Prospect. It will include “the world’s tallest double Sky Coaster” (whatever that is), dueling 360-degree looping waterslides and something […]

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