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Orlando’s new transport proposition helps keep visitors out of cars (and in spending loop)


Disney understands what people want on their holiday.  Part of that magic sauce involves getting people out of their cars. Most top resorts have this same basic approach… once visitors arrive, they move around the resort complex by walking.  Perhaps there’s a hop-on-hop off golf cart here and there, but for the most part it’s a pedestrian experience.

When you’re out of your car, you’re more likely to engage in your surroundings and more likely to spend money.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott just proposed spending more than $213 million for an Orlando transportation hub that including a rail line at the Orlando International airport.  The new project is called the South Airport People Mover Complex.  Add some Wifi to the trains (as one would imagine/hope they’d do) and you’ve got visitors from around the world ready to share holiday photos, make reservations and pay for bookings with their phones. 

Some might call this strategy “European,” but it’s convenient, progressive and shows that Disney (who no doubt has some influence here) is again leading the way in the United States.


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