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Nashville’s musical offerings start right at the airport… as they should

Steve Roper BandNashville understands that music is at the core of their visitor experience.

It therefore makes perfect sense to welcome their 10 million annual visitors and bid them farewell with a taste of that music.  Nashville International Airport (with funding from Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and the Tennessee Arts Commission) started offering live music in 1988, then expanded the program in 2001.  There are now four live music stages in the terminal that host between 80 to 100 bands throughout the year.

For those few destinations like Nashville who’ve developed a strong brand, they were smart to bookend that visitor experience by extending music to the airport.

As Nashville continues to dial in their well-branded offerings, there’s no question that the airport’s success will follow. Nashville International Airport may only be the 34th busiest airport in the US, but it’s the fourth fastest growing major airport and currently serves 280 daily flights to over 50 nonstop markets.

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