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Jackie Chan World Park and Jackie Chan Museum to open in China

via Wikipedia, Creative CommonsYou know you’ve made it in pop culture when you get your own theme park AND a museum.

In Shanghai,  the 10,000-square-meter (107,000 sq ft) Jackie Chan Museum is scheduled to open this year in the Changfeng Ecological Business District.   The  museum will include a the prerequisite collection of movie posters and costumes,  Chan’s own movie studio and — didn’t see this one coming — an Italian restaurant. It is part of the government’s development plan for Shanghai’s Suzhou river bank area.

JC World Park, Mr Chan told the website Weibo, is coming to Yizhuang, the glitzy suburb of Beijing. No opening date has been confirmed, but  entrance to the park is expected to be free, with a few attractions costing extra. 

COMMENT: Will likely be a hit when it opens, but what about in 20 years with he’s not making movies and the next generation doesn’t see him in the media daily? That’s when it’s going to come down to content. If the product is great, it can likely survive on word of mouth and strong reviews. 

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