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Marriott now testing contactless room keys in Brooklyn hotel, still not as cool as Clarion hotel’s mobile phone test. When will the mobile room key be ready for the rest of us?

Two years ago, Swedish lock and tech company Assa Abloy (with VingCard and Seos), tested a breathtaking new mobile key (and check-in bypass) technology that gave travelers a glimpse into the future (see video).  Last month, a Brooklyn Marriott rolled out the Assa Abloy NFC card system. There are some clear advantages: easier entry, fewer misreads, the cards don’t get demagnetized by close contact with mobile phones.  Hopefully this contactless lock system is just an intermediary step to the keyless-and-check-in-less system we saw in the YouTube video.

The Norwegian in charge of this division of Assa Abloy, Gard Gabrielsen, says they’re still very much focused on developing mobile solutions.  ”The key obstacle up until now for widespread implementation has been slow general NFC rollout in the mobile world by handset manufacturers.”  Reluctant to name specifics, Mr. Gabrielsen did say they are “having a dialogue with several customers to plan programs in this area.”

Clearly, there’s a market for it. After the pilot program at Stockholm’s Clarion hotel, here are the survey results (completed by 28 guests who were frequent users of the service). So when will we see this rolling out?   clariontest clariontest   clarion2

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