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How to you make a hiking trail more exciting?


Monkey bridge — part of a hiking trail in Shikoku, Japan

The first step is to state that as a goal: “we’d like to make this hiking trail more exciting.”  Or “We’d like a world-class multi-use trail that features the local food.” Or whatever your goal might be. These things don’t just happen by accident.

Then you need some knowledge… knowledge of what the competition is doing around the world, knowledge of the standards that attract visitors, knowledge of the geography, knowledge of what the building regulations allow, and knowledge of the local history and legends. Then comes the creative part: trying to tie that all together into a packaged product.

Approach it like planning a wedding. Think big and bold.  Start by creating a dream experience, then scale back to what budget allows. As with weddings, if you’ve got an idea you simply must do, you figure out a way to get it financed.

The expensive route is to try to do something bigger and better than what many others are doing. The cheaper way is to figure out something completely new and let your innovative product do your selling for you.

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