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Japan shows how to turn 3000 old tires into a cool attraction

via qjphotos

What are parents going to tell their friends about when they return from a trip? Lots of stuff, presumably. But things that get their kids excited get bumped to the top of the list. Especially when there’s a great photo op.

Tire Park  (Nishi Rokugo Koen) is a fantasy filled playground in Tokyo’s Ota Ward.  If you believe the local bloggers, it’s a child’s dream come true. The robots, dinosaurs and rocket ships can all be climbed on. And there are plenty of untethered tires for kids to build their own creations.

COMMENT: With creativity — especially with kids involved — you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a cool experience for kids and a great kid’s photo op (read: social media op) for adults. 
via qj photos

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