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What hotels (even Airbnb) can learn from Soverinn


Soverinn is an experience booking engine.  Rather, it was. It seems to have disappeared after some beta testing.

The idea is (or was) that many travelers are looking for something more than a room for the night… maybe a 50th birthday weekend, honeymoon, anniversary, special reunion.   Hotels may offer a romantic weekend rate with a bottle of Champagne, but typically there’s little room on their booking form (or any other hotel search booking form) for these sorts of special requests.   So Soverinn’s plan was to collect your special requests, send them out to their network of hotels, receive offers for your requests, then then pass those on to you and get a little fee on the referral.

They surveyed 500 people and found that 70% wished there was a way to communicate with the hotel during the booking process.

Seemed like a decent idea.  Even if it wasn’t enough to float a successful company, there’s a nice takeaway: Hotels are not just in the service business; they’re in the experience business.  So increase your range of special packages, make the pricing competitive, facilitate feedback during the booking process and get the hotel booking engines to start listing the experiences so consumers can compare more than just the room rate.



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