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Harry Potter set to expand in Orlando as fictional destinations blur lines


Fictional destinations have been brought to life for some time… this is just a page out of the Disney playbook. But it’s getting more real, in a way.  In the Wizarding World Harry Potter, the shops in the book are now real. You can buy a wand in Ollivanders, drink butter beer and enter Hogwarts.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got real destinations making themselves more fictional.  You’ve got mega resorts that have changed the coastline to create fantasy-like canals and harbors.  They wear “local” clothes that no local has worn for over a century.  They’ve created cocktails with catchy names and let you say in faux-authentic dwellings.  They’ve taken these real places that people come to experience and turned them into something else.

The boundary between the fictional places making themselves real and the real places trying to fulfill fantasies is getting seriously blurred.



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