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To keep things out of our spam filter, please write ”DDW” before your subject  (as in “DDW: new casino to open in int’l space station”)

To increase your chances of getting our attention, please keep your tip brief and (for PR people) if you don’t mind, we’d prefer to get links to photos and press releases instead of attachments. And written permission to use the photos would be nice.

A slightly more nuanced example of what we’re looking for:   A new history museum isn’t necessarily a good fit with this blog. It would be appropriate for us if it this history museum were a $1 billion floating Frank Gehry designed museum, or it was the largest history museum in North America, or it had a unique new ticketing system, or it was the first history museum in the world where you can ride around the museum in your own hovercraft, etc. Find the most unique angle and let us know.

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