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For Sale: One Spanish Ghost Airport

La Mancha's ghost airport


Fancy becoming the man in La Mancha? A barely used airport in the region that cost over 1.1 billion euros to build has gone on sale for a minimum price of 100 million euros.

Ciudad Real’s Central Airport opened in 2008 but went bankrupt last year after it failed to draw enough traffic. Know locally as the ‘ghost airport,’ it has become a symbol of the country’s wasteful spending. It also suffered the ignominy of being used by the BBC’s Top Gear presenters as a make shift drag strip.

The airport’s receiver is accepting offers until 27 December. In case you’re interested.

COMMENT:  The roads have already been build to get people here.  It presumably has water and electricity.  Seems like a prime opportunity for some big destination development.  Now you just need a brilliant idea and some courageous politicians before Ryan Air moves in.

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