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Dubai continues to develop new reasons for people to visit while most other destinations just developing new marketing


photo via themeparx

Las Vegas understands this concept. So does Disney (and just about every other theme park). But when it comes to creating new reasons to visit, it’s hard to top Dubai.

Yes, Dubai feels incredibly manufactured. And no, it’s not terribly cohesive. The motto seems to be: “Come check out all this amazing overpriced stuff we’ve built in our conveniently located desert.” But their products are pulling in tourists.

Now there’s another new addition coming to Dubai in 2014: World’s of Adventure, a gigantic theme park.

There’s going to be a “Marvel” zone with experiences branded from Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and The Avengers.  And a “Lost Valley” zone featuring various sorts dinosaur related experiences.  Plus a ”Cartoon Network” zone with the world’s largest Ben 10 retail store and the first ever Ben 10 5D ride.  Of course, those are just the anchor zones.  There’s going to be oodles of shopping and dining and entertainment on top of all of it.   

And it’s hard to imagine this won’t attract more tourists.


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