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What is the core brand of your destination?


“To me, a brand is trust,” said Steve Jobs.

I wanted to drive home the importance of Peter Moore’s blog posting yesterday on this site.   If you are promoting something with photos: a clean beach, an uncrowded historic city center, an almost-empty park trail, a scenic area without litter or traffic jams… then you need to deliver on your promise.  Or you need to change your marketing to reflect reality.

Does the actual Big Mac look like the one in the picture on the menu? Not quite, but it’s pretty close.  That’s your basic margin of error.  Are there a bit more people in your historic city center than you show in the brochure?  If you can say, “a few more, but it’s pretty close,” then you’re in good shape.  If you know that there are far more people or far more litter or far more tour buses, then something has to change if you want to make your brand trustworthy.

That comes down to smart crowd management, quality control and smart marketing.  The backlash is unfavorable word-of-mouth reviews, which are only amplified on social media.



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