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Dubai continues to develop new reasons for people to visit while most other destinations just developing new marketing

Las Vegas understands this concept. So does Disney (and just about every other theme park). But when it comes to creating new reasons to visit, it’s hard to top Dubai. Yes, Dubai feels incredibly manufactured. And no, it’s not terribly cohesive. The motto seems to be: “Come check out all this amazing overpriced stuff we’ve […]

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You know you’ve got problems when even the locals won’t visit

The Eden Project, Cornwall. Tumbleweeds not shown.

Via The Eden

Government research in the UK has uncovered just how few Brits visit attractions in their own country. The YouGov survey presented a list of the country’s top 10 attractions and asked respondents how many they’d visited. Sixteen percent said that they hadn’t visited any of them. One of the poorest performing attractions was The Eden […]

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What’s wrong (and right) with Disney’s Magic Bands

  Let’s start quickly with what’s right… which is most things.  My family (2 adults, 3 kids, 1 grandma) took them for a test spin that included three Disney parks and a Disney Hotel (this was not something we requested, nor did Disney pay for any part of this experience).  The pre-trip online customization was […]

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Clever way for ski resorts and rainy cities to surprise and delight visitors: People Dryers

Haystack People Dryer at Universal Islands of Adventure photo: Doug Lansky

Maybe you’re skiing and you come in for lunch with damp gear.  Or maybe you get caught in a rain shower while walking around a city. Before you sit down for a meal or tromp through a museum, imagine how nice it would be to dry off. Theme parks — typically more conscious about the […]

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Planning joke becomes Queensland’s latest tourist attraction

A dinosaur and an Irwin

Via Sydney Morning Herald

When Australian mining magnate, Clive Palmer, was developing his new resort at Coolum, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast there was a parcel of land that he wasn’t sure what to do with. The architect working on the project labeled it ‘Dinosaur Park’ as a joke and soon media across the world were speculating that there were […]

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UK’s crappiest attraction is also its most shortlived – Milton Keynes Winter Wonderland closes down after only one day

Two kinds of Santas

Via The Daily Mail

The families who arrived for the first day of the Winter Wonderland festival in Milton Keynes were promised ‘all the magic of the holiday season’. What they got, however, were skinny Santas, reindeer without antlers … and an ice rink made out of plastic sheets. Organisers received so many complaints from furious customers that they shut the […]

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Biggest theme park to open in 2014 should be Italy’s $800 million Cinecitta World

Cinecittà  (“cinema city” in Italian) is being described as an opulent Universal Studios.  Presumably, it will also have better food. The park will be located just south of Rome and features attractions from Oscar winning art director Dante Ferretti and rides based on classics filmed at Cinecitta Studios, such as Ben-Hur. It was supposed to open in […]

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Sydney’s Wet’n'Wild park to open this week, claims to be world’s biggest

What’s it cost to build the world’s “biggest and best water theme park ever”? About A$120 million (US$109 million). After three years of construction, the 40-waterslide-park is set to open on December 12 in the Western Sydney suburb of Prospect. It will include “the world’s tallest double Sky Coaster” (whatever that is), dueling 360-degree looping waterslides and something […]

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Jackie Chan World Park and Jackie Chan Museum to open in China

You know you’ve made it in pop culture when you get your own theme park AND a museum. In Shanghai,  the 10,000-square-meter (107,000 sq ft) Jackie Chan Museum is scheduled to open this year in the Changfeng Ecological Business District.   The  museum will include a the prerequisite collection of movie posters and costumes,  Chan’s […]

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