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The First Step to Creating Smart Destination Development

The world’s most famous attractions didn’t come out of focus groups.  There wasn’t likely a visitor’s board in Paris in 1880 saying: “You know what this city needs . . . a giant flag pole!”  There wasn’t a research team in India in the 1600s looking at visitor data and suggesting a blindingly white Mausoleum. Whether it’s the Great […]

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Stonehenge turns it all the way up to 11

Druids celebrating at Stonehenge


Stonehenge, the ancient stone circle made famous by Spinal Tap, has finally got the visitor centre it deserves. English Heritage has spent £27 million to create a fully immersive visitors centre, bristling with ancient artifacts and sensitively designed to fit into the rolling landscape of Salisbury Plains. Busy roads have been diverted and grassed over […]

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How do you protect your attraction from attracting the wrong sort? London’s Eros statue becomes seasonal snow globe to ward off vandals

Eros Statue Snow Globe Piccadilly Circus

Via Westminster Council

How do you protect a Grade 1-listed statue that Londoners, soaked in Christmas spirit, love to clamber on each festive season? Simple. Surround it with PVC and turn it into the world’s largest snow globe. “Protecting Eros is the annual festive challenge,” says Nick Thompson at Westminster City Council. “A couple of years ago someone […]

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Underwater statues in Cancun give divers something to look at, but has this three-year-old attraction become a must-see or a flop?

After careless divers (and storms) managed to kill off some of the best local coral, local authorities and dive operators were interested to give visitors something to look at.  After all, the popular Sinai diving site Raz Mohammed has some toilets on the sea floor that have become a diver attraction, ship wrecks are popular. […]

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