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When we’ve provided a special comment (typically just a line or three) on an attraction, concept or technology, we’re including the post in this section.


RailEurope rebrands. Obscurity beckons.

RailEurope, long time haven for students looking for cheap rail passes so they can spend their money on more important things like beer and clubbing, has rebranded to become The rail booking service has been the SNCF’s representative in the UK for over 100 years and the latest move sees the company fully integrated […]

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Sleeping kangaroo reveals secret to social media success

Baby Tasmanian Devil

Via Sydney Morning Herald

The secret behind the phenomenal success of Tourism Australia’s Facebook page can finally be revealed. Cute animals. With 5.1 million Facebook fans and 363,000 Instagram followers, Tourism Australia is the most followed tourism board or destination site in the world . And a recent study of the most ‘liked’ photos on their Facebook page showed […]

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Cash-strapped cities using travellers as ATMs

ATM graffiti


Business travellers are picking up the bill for bailing out cash-strapped cities, according to the Global Business Travel Association. (GBTA) The association found that taxes levied on travel-related services in major US cities increased by 58% this year, with much of the money being used to fund local projects unrelated to tourism and business travel. […]

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Lego helping transform architecture into icons; Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands joins elite club

It may be one of the ultimate compliments for any architect: letting kids recreate your masterpiece in tiny plastic building blocks.  Lego’s architecture line includes Jørn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water home, Adrian Smith’s Burj Khalifa.  Now it’s Moshe Safdie’s turn to enter the club with his 57-floor, three tower in Singapore: Marina Bay […]

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Is China becoming the laughing stock of international architecture?

Gate to the East, Suzhou, China

For every resounding success like Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, it seems, there’s a building that looks like a giant pair of pants. Well, at least one. With the 74-story Gate to the East building nearing completion in Suzhou, concerns are growing that China is becoming the playground for international architecture firms to sell their strangest, […]

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Underwater statues in Cancun give divers something to look at, but has this three-year-old attraction become a must-see or a flop?

After careless divers (and storms) managed to kill off some of the best local coral, local authorities and dive operators were interested to give visitors something to look at.  After all, the popular Sinai diving site Raz Mohammed has some toilets on the sea floor that have become a diver attraction, ship wrecks are popular. […]

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