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What can your hotel or resort learn from Disney Cruise line to improve the experience for visitors’ entire trips?


What can your hotel/resort learn from the Disney Cruise line? Probably more than a few things, but here’s one: Nobody wants to get sick on their vacation.  Cruise lines are particularly careful about contagious diseases — nothing ruins a cruise like an outbreak.  It’s close quarters in many resorts and hotels as well — and many aren’t nearly as spacious as a mega cruise ship.  Surely, an outbreak would ruin a holiday for guests there as well.  So why not — especially with all those disease-spreading buffets — take some of Disney’s public health precautions?

Before every meal, Disney Cruise staffers hand out sanitizing wet wipes at the restaurant entrance to help guests disinfect.  When they do this with a smile it feels like a kind service, not like your mother is forcing you to wash your hands.

In the kid’s club, Disney uses a fantastic automated hand-washing machine that makes the chore fun.   It’s normally used for scientists and doctors to clean their hands, but Disney took the machine, mounted it at kid level and decorated like a treasure chest.  Warm, swirling jets wash and rinse your hands in just 10 seconds.  The machine doesn’t just make it fun, it washes their hands well. So all those notoriously poor hand washers are less likely to get sick, which improves the vacation for everyone in the family.

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