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Can you attract visitors with toilets? Sure. If they’re cool enough.


If you do just about anything well enough, it can be a boost for your destination… yes, even toilets.

It would be smart for any city to put up nice (free or cheap) toilets for visitors in convenient locations.  If you’re planning to do this anyway, why not seek a larger budget and do something truly special.   Bring in some creative designers and turn the best into reality. Think of them as practical sculptures that make your city unique and give tourists 1) something to experience 2) something to photograph and tell friends about.

Consider the see-through toilet (it has been placed in Copenhagen, Basel and in front of London’s Tate Modern among others).  It’s made of one-way glass, so on the outside it looks like a mirror. On the inside it looks like everyone is staring at your while you go about your business. Apparently, it’s  a nerve-wracking bathroom experience.  It was designed by artist Monica Bonvicini. For it to work properly, the inside must be kept dark. If the light is switched (dark outside, light inside), the walls become windows and your private moment becomes quite public.


There are many other weird and wonderful bathrooms as well that have found their way into the media and on thousands of blogs and all across social media.

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