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What is your airport doing to enhance the visitor experience?

Slide at Changi T3

The airport is where many visitors start and end their visit and get their first and last impression of your destination.  Seems like a perfect place to make a powerful and positive impact.  So what do most airports do? Provide the same retail shops and snack bars and complement this with slow-moving security lines.

What does the world’s most award-winning airport do? A lot more.


Powder Room

There are free foot massage machines, an amazing indoor slide, a butterfly garden, 24-hour cinema with free screenings of the latest films, a powder room for ladies, a room full of arcade games, a large forest-themed playground for kids, interactive art station where you can try your hand at the Singapore artform of woodblock rubbing, and a “social tree” that allows visitors to chair photos and video on a 360-degree screen comprised of 64 42-inch high-definition screens.

Even if you’re not into any of these things, you’ll likely be impressed how much they seem to care that you’re having a good experience.

social tree

Social Tree

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