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A travel industry blog dedicated to new and noteworthy tourist attractions

Tourism is evolving. And so are the destinations.  Ever consider that most of the things we travel to see and do were created by people, and often in our lifetimes?  Some of the attractions, like ski resorts, have become so standard we hardly think of it as tourist development any more. But how many of us might not have traveled to the Rockies or Alps (or at least returned multiple times) if there weren’t chairlifts strung up the mountains?  Take a look at the world’s most visited tourists attractions and it’s hard to see much of a pattern between the castles, train stations, waterfalls, ruins, resorts or the fountains at the Bellagio. We’re even drawn to visit epic failures.  Like Stockholm’s Vasa Ship, which sailed only 1.3 kilometers on its maiden voyage in 1628 before a small puff of wind caused the top-heavy boat to tip over and sink. It now makes far more money inside a building as a tourist attraction than it ever would have if the ship had been properly designed and been commercially successful in its time.   Just about anything can be a tourist attraction these days, but not all of them successfully attract tourists.  This site looks at what works and what doesn’t.  It seeks creative new approaches to destination development, new technologies, new services, new enormous projects, new budget ideas, and other things that may get travelers to pack their bags and head off to see something they can’t find at home.800px-The_Vasa_from_the_Bow


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