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What Destinations Need to Know Before They Jump Onboard with Big Data Advertising

If You’re A DMO Serving Up Targeted Online Ads, Read This Department store legend, John Wanamaker, famously said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Because Big Data allows companies to serve up online ads (display, native, pre-roll, etc.) to people who’ve demonstrated interest while surfing, […]

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Solving The Travel Blogger Dilemma
(Why DMOs Need To Take The First Step To Fix It)

public domain

“Travel bloggers’ single most important asset is trust,” said Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, a South African destination marketing executive turned consultant, at the Social Travel Summit in Inverness, Scotland. “It’s something that destinations cannot buy.” This sentiment was echoed during the conference.  Trust, they agreed, is what builds bloggers’ audiences and makes them “influencers.” It’s this […]

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Has The Smartphone Killed The Tourist Office?

Cities and regions keep building and maintaining tourist offices and visitor centers, but do they serve a necessary function or are destinations just doing it out of habit? The original idea was to provide visitors with helpful information so they could find something they’d like to do and perhaps even stay a little longer. The […]

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The Emperor’s New Hashtag — What are DMO hashtags accomplishing?

Brian Solis (CC BY 2.0)

I just watched an entertaining Skift conference video of New York’s DMO CEOFred Dixon talking about their new #thisisnewyorkcity hashtag campaign. The hashtag got attached to 15,342 posts right away, he explains in the video. Sounds like a success story, right? Why else would Mr. Dixon mention it? The purpose, according to Mr. Dixon, is “to inspire inspiration in this new generation.” And he […]

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The Big Story that Destinations Aren’t Telling

Chris Yiu (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Walk into any hotel or restaurant (or even a major corporate headquarters) and it’s easy to see that they’re all trying to make a great first impression–an impression that reinforces their brand. From the landscaping out front to the waiting area to the front desk to the bathrooms … the professional establishments tie all this […]

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The First Step to Creating Smart Destination Development

The world’s most famous attractions didn’t come out of focus groups.  There wasn’t likely a visitor’s board in Paris in 1880 saying: “You know what this city needs . . . a giant flag pole!”  There wasn’t a research team in India in the 1600s looking at visitor data and suggesting a blindingly white Mausoleum. Whether it’s the Great […]

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World Wonders of Waiting – The Longest Lines in Tourism

Edal Anton Lefterov (CC SA 3.0)

Get Your Guide collected some waiting times for attractions around the world.  They found that visitors to Rome hoping to see the sights wait the longest… 7.5 hours on average to see just four major attractions.  In London, Paris and Amsterdam, it’s 5 hours. In other words, you may need an entire extra day just […]

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